Personal Financial Planning

SageBroadview Financial Planning, LLC is a state-registered investment advisory firm providing personal financial planning and tax planning services.  We are a fee-only firm, which means that we aren't influenced by commissions on financial product sales.  Independence and objectivity are core values from which we operate, and because of our strict adherence to these professional standards, we execute a Fiduciary Oath annually to attest that we place our clients’ interests first and foremost.

We provide our services to working couples, families, and individuals who are looking to enjoy their retirement years, save for their children’s college education, and experience other motivations in life.  As our name suggests, we take a broad view of your financial picture, which helps us define the meaning of true “wealth” in your life.   To embark on this financial journey, we ask that you commit to a comprehensive, full-scope analysis of your financial picture.

We work in a collaborative environment to produce an unbiased and personalized analysis of each client’s finances that becomes the framework for making confident decisions that have both financial and non-financial consequences.  We believe that financial planning is a process that develops over time, so we meet face-to-face with our clients frequently during the course of the engagement.

Our process for delivering high-quality financial planning advice includes:

  • LISTENING to you about your goals, concerns and financial challenges,
  • EVALUATING your entire financial picture,
  • ENVISIONING with you a future that is fulfilling and inspiring,
  • DEVELOPING a detailed action plan for achieving your objectives, and
  • EMPOWERING you with implementation strategies to promote your long-term success and financial well-being.

We encourage you to “Appreciate The Wealth of Your Life SM .”