Management Advisory Services

By utilizing our management advisory services, we help you identify your financial objectives and then work with you and your team to structure and implement an effective game plan. We provide cost-effective expertise and support in the following areas:

Financing and Banking

  • Negotiating and obtaining lines of credit, term loans and equipment financing from lending institutions, including commercial banks, the Small Business Administration, the Connecticut Development Authority and venture capitalists
  • Preparing financing proposal packages, including projected and forecasted financial statements.
  • Developing loan work out packages.
  • Recommending business buy/sell financing packages.
  • Reviewing lease/buy alternatives

Strategic Planning

  • Identifying the "key success factors" of a business.
  • Developing systems to monitor these factors.
  • Implementing profit-enhancement and cost reduction strategies.
  • Preparing detailed business plans and budgets.
  • Acting as a "sounding board" for company management.

Management Information Systems

  • Identifying, implementing and monitoring an effective management information system for the business.
  • Coordinating with outside consultants to implement solutions for database design, project management, system analysis, networking, hardware and software.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Assisting with baluing and structuring the acquisition, sale or restructure of a business to maximize the economic, tax, financial statement and business benefits.
  • Performing Due Diligence Services.
  • Identifying Post-merger Integration Strategies including purchase price allocation.
  • Developing and implementing business succession plan options and strategies